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Teamwork, Innovation, and Fun: Inside Mavely Week 2024

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Earlier this month, the whole Mavely crew came together in Chicago for Mavely Week 2024, a dynamic event designed to inspire, connect, and celebrate our dedicated team members from all over the country. We’re still glowing from an unforgettable week that was filled with creativity, camaraderie, and innovation, perfectly capturing the essence of what Mavely stands for. Here’s a glimpse into the key highlights that made this event a roaring success.

Welcoming New Faces and Celebrating Milestones

There’s just no substitute for catching up in person, and Mavely Week gave us an opportunity to come together and celebrate the remarkable milestones we’ve achieved over the past year. It was also the perfect time to welcome new team members and get to know them over delicious breakfasts and lunches. Events like Mavely Week help strengthen our bonds as teammates so we can keep bringing innovation, collaboration, and creativity to the table.

Mavely team members enjoying Chicago nightlife during Mavely Week 2024

Working Sessions: Productivity In Person

Mavely Week gave us a chance to focus on our goals and strategies with productive breakout sessions for core team members to collaborate on refining and improving our processes. By aligning our goals for the coming quarter and brainstorming ways to elevate the user experience for both creators and partner brands, we set the stage for continued growth and success. 

Shark Tank Showdown: Unleashing Creativity

One of the most exciting events of Mavely Week was our very own “Shark Tank” competition. Much like the popular TV show, our teams were split into groups and tasked with creating the best sales pitch for an imaginary product. With our leadership team stepping in as the judges, the competition was fierce but fun. The innovative ideas, strategic pitches, and the lively spirit of the participants showcased the creativity and diverse range of skill sets that thrive within Mavely. 

Sound Bath Experience: Embracing Mindfulness

Amidst the bustling activities, we made time for relaxation and mindfulness with a serene sound bath session. This meditative experience was designed to help our team members unwind and rejuvenate. The gentle vibrations and harmonious sounds created a tranquil environment, allowing everyone to reflect and recharge. It was a beautiful reminder of the importance of self-care and mindfulness in our busy lives.

Fun-Filled Happy Hours: Building Bonds

Fun and games at AceBounce in Chicago during Mavely Week 2024

A Mavely work event without some fun? Never! In addition to individual team dinners and activities on day one, Mavely Week featured two fantastic happy hours that allowed our team members to let loose and bond over delicious food and drinks.

Fun and games at AceBounce in Chicago during Mavely Week 2024

The first happy hour took place at Boqueria Fulton Market, a chic tapas bar in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop, where we enjoyed a variety of delectable small plates and engaging conversations. The second event was held at AceBounce, where we indulged our competitive streaks with lively ping-pong matches and lots of laughter! These informal gatherings strengthened our connections and built a sense of community within the team.

Q&A with C-Suite Executives: Exploring the Future

Another highlight of Mavely Week was the Q&A session with our C-suite executives. This interactive session provided an opportunity to celebrate how far we’ve come as a company, as well as highlight recent big wins and identify our collective goals for Mavely’s future growth. We were inspired by the transparency shared by our leaders as they gave thoughtful answers to our questions and helped us gain a deeper understanding of their vision for the future.

Mavely Creator Panel: Learning from the Best

Mavely Week 2024 creator panel participants

One of the biggest highlights of Mavely Week was a panel discussion featuring four of our top Mavely creators sharing their processes, strategies, and experiences using Mavely to maximize their earnings and grow their brands. Not only was it incredibly helpful to get inside creators’ minds and gain valuable insights firsthand, but it was also inspiring to hear their stories and see how Mavely’s platform directly supports their success.

A Memorable Mavely Week in the Books!

Mavely Week 2024 was more than just a series of events—it was a celebration of our shared vision, values, and achievements, and a testament to the creativity, dedication, and camaraderie that define Mavely. As we look ahead, the memories and lessons from Mavely Week will continue to inspire us. We are excited to build on this momentum, striving to create even more innovative solutions and enriching experiences for our creators and partner brands. Here’s to the incredible journey ahead and many more Mavely Weeks to come!

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