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“Mavely now has about 100 brands including Brooklinen, Ritual, and M. Gemi selling through the platform.”

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How It Works

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I'm more intrigued to buy [the products], and share with my friends & family because they're women-owned or charitable mission-driven. Mavely does all the vetting so that I don't have to! What's on the app is truly the best of the best there is - from skincare to clothing and everything in between, which makes me completely confident in promoting these Brands!


"I love the easy-to-use tools, tips and tricks to help me be a more effective entrepreneur. This makes all the difference for me and the community is amazing."


"I’ve made over $1,000 with Mavely in my first three months, just by sharing products that I already love with my friends. It’s so easy!"

Alexander Simms
Chicago, IL

"Mavely makes it super easy to earn extra cash for my vacation, all from one place!"

Susan Mensink

"Lifting women up and empowering all women is why I said yes to Mavely."

Dr. Dianne Davis
Houston, TX
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