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Platform Update: Mavely Share Extension

Everyday Influencers™ guide Mavely platform enhancements and let us know which new features you want most. 

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We’re starting off the year with a new platform update that helps you link from anywhere, so you can earn more money in less time.

Mavely Share Extension

The new Mavely Share Extension joins a suite of Mavely link-creator tools that include the mobile and desktop applications, and the Mavely Chrome and Safari Browser extensions. Visit the Help Desk article for answers to FAQs.

Create & Share Links Using the Extension

Now sharing Mavely links from a smartphone is even easier. The new Mobile Share Extension lets you create and share Mavely links as you browse our thousands of brand partners from your mobile device — exactly how you’d share any link or photo from your phone.

Once you update your Mavely mobile application, simply hit the share icon and select Mavely from your list of options.

Or you can link to a specific product by tapping and holding down its image.

Now you have a shoppable link that will track all your sales.

Favorite Mavely for Easier Linking

Want to make link creation even faster? Add Mavely as a favorite in your share extensions so you can skip the scroll. Here’s how.

  1. Open a webpage on your mobile device and hit the share icon at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Scroll through the available apps to click the More button at the end of the app listing.

  3. Click Edit, and drag Mavely into your Favorites list.

Now link sharing is just a click.

Update your Mavely app to start using the new feature – and don’t forget to rate Mavely in the App Store.

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