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Pair Eyewear Brand Spotlight

Welcome to our brand spotlight series, where we feature some of the most exciting and innovative brands on the Mavely platform. In this series, we’re asking each brand about its history, vision, values, and unique selling proposition. Behind every great brand is a great story. 

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Welcome to Mavely’s Brand Spotlight series! Would you mind introducing yourself to our creators?

Pair Eyewear is the revolutionary eyewear brand that is redefining the experience of wearing glasses. With their unique ability to customize frames, they offer hundreds of options to switch up your style at a fraction of the price. With Pair Eyewear, you can select prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for women, men, and children, all starting at $60. They offer limited edition top frame collections and collaborate with licensed partners, such as Marvel, Harry Potter, Van Gogh, and charitable foundations. 

What are the 3 most important things our community should know about your brand?

  1. Customizable eyeglasses with hundreds of interchangeable magnetic top frames to choose from – At Pair, we believe wearing the same thing every day can be dull. We invite you to reward your evolving passions, joys, and daily spirit with eyewear that’s as dynamic as you are. 

  2. Our story – One of our two founders, Nathan, has been a glasses wearer since the age of eight and always found himself bored with his frames. His glasses felt more like a glaring medical device instead of an extension of his personality. With our co-founder Sophia, they interviewed hundreds of kids and adults and found others felt the same. From these conversations, Pair was born! Pair also partners with The Eyelliance to provide glasses and vision care to children in the developing world and for every Pair purchased, we will provide glasses to a child in need! 

  3. Affordability – being able to switch up the style of your eyeglasses for a fraction of the price. Pair makes prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for women, men & kids starting at $60 for the base frames, and $25 for the top frames.

What sets you apart from other competitors in your vertical / industry?

  1. Incredibly innovative eyewear brand which became popular after pitching their idea on Shark Tank. 

  2. Almost 500 magnetic customizable top frames to choose from, and collaborations with licensed partners such as Marvel, The Van Gogh Museum, and Coca-Cola. New collections launch monthly. 

  3. Our magnetic suntops instantly turn prescription glasses into prescription sunglasses. 

  4. Top frames are compatible with eyeglasses & sunglasses for women, men, and kids. 

  5. Free shipping & returns.

What are your top-performing products/services?

Suntops, our magnetic top frames that turn eyeglass baseframes into sunglasses!

Are there any upcoming promotional events our community should know about?

We have tons of great collaborations launching this summer with licensed partners like Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Love Wins, as well as limited edition collections like Neon Brights, July 4th, and Road Trip!

Pair stands out as a premier eyewear service that brings affordable and stylish glasses right to your door. Don’t miss out on our engagement contest for a chance to win $500 – start creating custom shoppable links and discover the joy of Pair Eyewear today!

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