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Creator Spotlight: Following good values

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Keesh Deesh of Dollar Diva knows where the good deals are — and luckily for us, she’s not gatekeeping. Her 420K+ member Facebook group reveals ways to save on everything from handbags all the way to homeownership. Since joining Mavely, Dollar Diva has grown rapidly, enabling this creator to earn 10x her previous salary, post more than 100 affiliate links per week, and hire a team to support her — including her husband.

By the Numbers

3 — How many employees Keesh has hired since joining Mavely

10x — The creator’s income is now nearly 10x higher than her previous salary

100 per week — The number of affiliate links Keesh and her team post, thanks to Mavely

1,000+ per month — How many new subscribers request to join the Dollar Diva group

2020 — The year her couponing group and online career made a turning point

Creator Origin Story

Keesh Deesh, the creator behind the Facebook group Dollar Diva, understands what it’s like living paycheck to paycheck. Growing up with a single mother, she became money savvy at an early age. Over the years, this blossomed into a love of finding great deals. But it wasn’t until later in life, when Keesh started her own family and struggled to make ends meet, that the wife and mother of three took her passion for bargain hunting to the next level.

Inspired by shows like Extreme Couponing on TLC, Keesh learned the ins and outs of how to pay less for just about anything. In time, she discovered she could use her discount-finding skills to not only save money on her purchases, but in some cases, make money on them.

News of her special talent quickly spread to family and friends:

“My husband’s parents would call and say, ‘We need to talk to Keesh. We want to make sure we’re getting the best deal,’” recalls Keesh, who finds joy in teaching others her tricks.

After building a following IRL, the avid shopper decided to take her wealth of knowledge online. In 2016, she launched Dollar Diva, her platform for helping even more people buy what they want at a discount.

“I wanted to share my experiences with everybody so that in all aspects of life we can spend money on what we really want instead of what we have to,” she says.

Providing value to others

“What we do as a whole is what keeps people here.”

From the start, Keesh’s goal was to create a positive space where fellow shoppers could learn to “save their coins.” The early couponing hauls she posted were highly popular and widely shared. Soon, Dollar Diva was bringing in thousands of followers through word of mouth.

Then, in 2020, there was a major turning point. At the height of the global pandemic, Keesh decided to do what she does best: share tips with her community.

“During Covid, we couldn’t find essentials like masks or sanitizer,” says Keesh. “It was hard to shop. I became that informational point, letting people know when things were in stock.”

In a time of need, Dollar Diva was providing a valuable service people weren’t finding elsewhere. As the group continued to evolve, Keesh realized the work she was doing had earning potential.

“I didn’t know I could monetize what I was doing until 2020,” says the creator. “I started to figure out how to link and what my followers were into and what sold really well.”

Even as Dollar Diva began bringing in income, Keesh admits she was hesitant to leave her 11-year career with the United States Postal Service. She told herself when the group earned significantly more than her USPS salary, she’d have enough cushion to make the transition.

Until then, she focused on growth.

“The deals brought in a lot of followers, and other people brought other people into the group,” says Keesh. “We also started doing giveaways, like PS5s or designer handbags, to show our appreciation. That helped with growth. What we do as a whole is what keeps people here.”

Going to the next level

“We’ve grown so much that we brought on two extra people.”

These efforts to attract and engage followers paid off, with membership skyrocketing to more than 400,000. In 2022, Keesh was able to leave her job and turn her side business into her career. Not long after, her husband followed suit, turning Dollar Diva into a family affair.

That same year the couple experienced another major milestone: joining the Mavely platform.

“When I joined Mavely, I was making almost ten times my income from my job,” says Keesh. “We’ve grown so much that we brought on two extra people. Now there’s four of us.”

With support from their employees and the Mavely app, Keesh and her husband can share a wider variety of affiliate partners, faster. In fact, the team now promotes approximately 100 links a week on Facebook and their other social platforms. Mavely’s insights into audience behavior and preferences also helps them give their followers more of what they truly want.

“The success happened so fast. I don’t know exactly what tipped that point, but I do know that offering a variety of brands with Mavely really helped out,” says Keesh.

Recently the deal-savvy traveler was able to take her entire family on a seven-day trip to San Diego, California using the bonuses she earned as a Mavely top-seller.

“We were only supposed to go to Legoland with the bonus money, but with my budgeting skills, I was also able to take everyone to Universal Studios and the San Diego Zoo. That’s why I’m so into helping people do what I do.”

Building one big family

Even with thousands of follower requests coming through each month, Dollar Diva remains a close-knit community. That’s because according to Keesh her members are more than just followers — they’re friends.

“With my followers, we’re a big family,” she says. “Perfect example: Last week I wasn’t feeling too well. I don’t think I posted for seven hours. I got messages like, ‘What happened? Are you OK? We’re ready to shop.’”

As she inches closer to hitting her goal of 500,000 members, Keesh remains steadfast in her dedication to providing a safe, positive, and authentic experience for her shoppers.

“I want to be the face everyone trusts,” says the creator. “It’s not about linking everything. I’m very particular about quality. I know my followers feel safe shopping with me. I don’t post anything I wouldn’t buy myself, and I think they appreciate that.”

Advice to other creators

Through her partnership with Mavely, Keesh is also working to be a voice for aspiring creators.

Her best advice for those looking to build a community like hers?

“I tell anybody who’s trying to get into this to be authentic about it,” says Keesh. “There are hundreds of thousands of things we could be putting out there for monetary gain. It’s not about that. Be as authentic as you can and only put out things you would want yourself.”

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