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Your Guide to Mavely Success

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As we head deeper into the year, we wanted to share some tips, tricks, and reminders to help you thrive within Mavely and have more opportunities with our team and brands.

Best Practices: 

  • Make sure you’re posting quality content to drive engagement and sales. Focus on posting items that your audience will engage with. 

  • Diversify the brands you share with your audience to catch a brand’s attention and increase your campaign chances. Mavely is adding new brands daily, and we have 700+ for you to be able to select from. 

  • Keep an eye out for new promotions launching each week right to your inbox via our Trending Tuesday and Thursday Sales Roundup emails. 

  • Review the brand terms & conditions as you are promoting them to ensure that you stay compliant with the brand terms, as well as those of Mavely! Not being compliant can result in your removal from the platform. ( We don’t want that to happen).  

  • Ensure you are following the FTC guidelines. We recommend that you always note that your posts are ads to ensure compliance.  For a refresher, please see the full guidelines here

  • Share your referral link with friends & followers! Earn a percentage of your referral’s commission.

  • Review your commissions and bonuses regularly to understand where you are today, to determine what to post next.

  • Stay up to date with your consumer audience in understanding who they are, and working with them through additional channels to engage them more effectively.

Things to avoid:

  • Glitch promotions refer to sales that occur due to website or system errors that result in pricing inaccuracies or multiple sales. These types of promotions are not allowed on Mavely as they can lead to sale reversals and ultimately harm the brand. Violations of this policy can result in removal from the platform.

  • Trademark bidding refers to the practice of targeting paid search advertisements on branded keywords, such as the brand name. This practice is not allowed on Mavely and can negatively impact both the brand and the platform. Violations of this policy can result in removal from both the brand and the Mavely platform.

  • Coupon aggregating refers to the practice of stacking multiple coupons to reduce the overall price of a purchase. This is a form of glitch and is frowned upon by brands, as it can result in reduced profit margins. Violations of this policy can result in removal from a brand program.

***We recommend avoiding the above to ensure that you are staying compliant with the brands, as well as Mavely. Violations can result in the removal from the platform, and the inability to continue to earn! 

While you are working on growing your brand and your reach, as well as avoiding pitfalls in the channel, we also recommend ensuring that we have more detail on you so that we can optimize and grow. How can we do that together? 

Update your profile:

  • Ensure that your social media accounts are connected to your profile so we can keep it on file for upcoming campaign opportunities. Without your social media profile, we are unable to work more strategically together. You can add to your profile by logging into your account via the app or desktop and inputting your primary social handles, follower counts, bit.ly accounts, and more.

  • Update your payment information: Make sure that your PayPal information is correct and up-to-date to ensure proper payments.  

  • Stay in touch with Mavely for general support, or leverage your dedicated account manager. Our goal is to help you grow, 

Other Things to Remember: 

  • Check our resource center regularly as we are always updating our detail to support you 

  • Leverage our blog for updated brand opportunities, best practices, and thought leadership

  • Reach out to support if you suspect you have a missing order 

    • Missing orders, known as transaction inquiries, are when you know a specific order detail that you feel should have been attributed to you. You can reach out to support with the order id detail, the date, etc and the team can help review

Remember, Mavely and the affiliate channel are what is known as a last-click model, meaning the last click in the click path is where the sale is attributed. Ad blockers, toolbars ( Honey & Capital One) cookie durations, and even coupon slides used at checkout can impact where and how orders are attributed. 

Order Inquiries Before reaching out about order inquiries, have you asked yourself the following: 

  • Do you have a browser extension (such as “Honey”) open or any similar cache that captures sales? 

  • The first click/last click attribution – if the user clicked on something else during the check-out process, you may possibly lose the sale. 

  • The cookie window length on any particular brand – if your user adds a product to the cart and didn’t check out in the predetermined cookie length of that brand – the sale was most likely attributed to the brand.

Looking for more support to get started or have questions for our team? Refer to our FAQs here or email our customer service team at hello@mavely.life. We value your partnership with us and appreciate your attention to these housekeeping tasks.


The Mavely Team

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