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What is content batching?

What is content batching? Find out how you can save time this upcoming holiday season.

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What is content batching? Instead of spending an hour planning, creating, and publishing one Instagram post, you’ll spend that hour writing or “batching” an entire week of captions. That way you have created more content. Ready to learn the how-to’s of content batching? Let’s begin.

  • Identify your Content Pillars – Content pillars are 3-5 topics you’ll consistently discuss and create content for on social media. By having different content pillars you are able to create a cohesive message across your social channels. 

  • Analyze your posts. It’s important to review your analytics. Your analytics give you insight into the type of content your audience engages with most. 

    • This is why it’s essential to have a business account, you are given more analytics and can see engagement, and reach on your posts. 

    • Once you have an idea of what works with your audience, you can create more content that is similar to that. 

    • Repurpose your older content into different formats that will increase your engagement.  

  • Brainstorm new ideas! Make sure to note important holidays, launches, and campaigns that keep your content fresh and engaging. You want to always be on the lookout for new trends happening in the space. 

  • Write your Captions for the Month! Here is our favorite formula to write captions. 

    • Hook, line breaks, emojis, call to action (CTA)

    • Call to Action examples: ask them to comment their thoughts, save the post for later, click on the link in your bio, or shop through your profile

  • Source photos, shoot videos, and create graphics. Use tools like Canva to easily add graphics in the correct size for social media. It’s an easy way to add some specialized content to your channels. 

  • Schedule your Content Calendar! Looking to learn how to build a content calendar? Click here. 

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