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What is a Content Creator?

Read more to learn what a professional content creator is and how to know if you’re ready to become one full-time.

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What is a content creator? A professional content creator is someone who is able to build an online community and monetize their output. 

8 Signs you’re ready to become a FULL-TIME content creator 

  1. A clear vision and a clear niche 

  2. Smart goals – content creation is a marathon, not a sprint 

  3. An engaged community – size doesn’t matter, engagement does, you want engaged communities who interact with their posts, click through their links

  4. Efficiency systems – streamline how you create content, content batching is the best way to efficiently create content 

    1. Content Batching – For example, instead of spending an hour planning, creating, and publishing one Instagram post, you’ll spend that hour writing or “batching” an entire week of captions.

  5. Multiple revenue streams – from brand partnerships to affiliate links to freelance work – find multiple ways to monetize your content and skills

  6. A safety net 

  7. Writing and design skills 

  8. Consistent content calendar 

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