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Meet the Mavely Team: Shauna Hollinger

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Shauna Hollinger is a Senior Influencer Account Manager at Mavely. She works closely with Mavely Everyday Influencers to optimize their channels and build effective growth strategies. Her qualifications? She literally wrote the book (well, course) coaching influencers based on her own lived experience growing her personal account to 20,000+ followers. Learn more about Shauna, her surprising professional background, and what excites her about Mavely.


From Desk Job to Digital Expert

Shauna Hollinger comes from an unexpected background for an influencing expert: She spent 13 years working for the Social Security Administration. During her tenure, she decided to document her transition to becoming vegan on Instagram — and it took off. She grew her following organically and had to learn a lot by trial and error on the way.

“I had to learn how to negotiate with brands, understand my contracts, and establish my rates on my own; there wasn’t really anyone I could talk to about it,” Shauna recalls. “I didn’t want anyone else to go through that, so I put together a coaching program for influencers.”

That eventually led to Shauna creating her own influencer management agency, which later led her to Mavely in 2022!


The Role of Account Managers

Once creators reach a predetermined sales threshold, they are assigned a Mavely account manager like Shauna to help manage their channels, line up new partnerships, retain business, liaise with the campaigns team, and plan for near- and long-term success. Account managers work hard to help creators monetize with campaigns and through affiliate links. They pay close attention to performance metrics and KPIs to develop custom insights creators can use to drive sales.

“As account managers, we’re on the front lines for our creators,” Shauna says. “I do strategy sessions with creators to help them look at their data and see where they could be allocating more of their time. We help them save time by sending the best brand promos and deals to our creators so they can plan their content in advance.”


A Passion for Strategy

In addition to her personal experience with building a robust influencer brand, Shauna’s natural penchant for curiosity and coaching makes her a key asset for Mavely and all the people she works with. Shauna specializes in seeing the big picture, translating insights, and mapping a strategy for success.

Mavely University is an online resource for all creators to learn best practices from Shauna and other instructors in self-paced influencer marketing courses.

“I just enjoy coaching creators,” Shauna says. “I don’t want people to sign up for Mavely and not take action. I want them to benefit from earning commission through their affiliate links. I want to educate influencers on the importance of niching down, understanding their target audience, and other key marketing concepts that are crucial for driving sales as an affiliate, yet often overlooked.”

The Mavely Difference

Shauna has lots of experience in the affiliate space, as an account manager, coach, and influencer herself. We’re thrilled to work with her every day. But what keeps her at Mavely? 

“We have the best tech, the best product team,” Shauna says. “I can’t tell you how many times a creator says, ‘It would be so nice to have this.’ We take it to the product team, and they implement it. I love the people I work with. Our team is full of amazing and talented individuals. I also love that my role is 100% remote.”

Shauna has been an integral part of developing how the Mavely account management team works and she’s gotten to expand her own expertise while here.
“I’ve had the opportunity to work cross-functionally with other teams,” Shauna says. “I’ve been able to build a broad skill set, which is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.”


Why Affiliate Marketing?

What’s one thing Shauna wants people to know about Mavely? How much earning potential there is in affiliate marketing.

“I want influencers to realize that affiliate marketing can be highly lucrative and beneficial for their influencer brand. You can get valuable data that can be leveraged for negotiating rates and securing brand deals,” Shauna says. “Not only do you gain sales data and marketing metrics to reference, but you can also earn commission and monthly bonuses with Mavely.”


Shauna’s Five to Nine

A lifelong learner, Shauna thrives on researching and mastering new skills. In her free time, she recharges by working out, reading, listening to music, and spending quality time with her husband and two children. She lives in the Kansas City area.

Interested in working with brilliant minds like Shauna? We’re hiring. Check out our open positions.

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