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Mavely and Shop Premium Outlets Take Home the 2024 Golden Link Award for Best Influencer Marketing Strategy

Mavely and Shop Premium Outlets win 2024 Golden Link Award for Best Influencer Marketing Strategy

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We are thrilled to announce that Mavely and Shop Premium Outlets have won the Rakuten Advertising 2024 Golden Link Award for Best Influencer Marketing Strategy. This prestigious honor awards savvy influencer marketing that boosts awareness and sales. It also underscores how strong engagements between Mavely and our brand partners can activate a creator network that delivers results.

About the Awards

The annual Rakuten Advertising Golden Link Awards shine a spotlight on exceptional achievements in performance marketing, celebrating companies that push industry boundaries. Winning the Best Influencer Marketing Strategy award highlights the effectiveness and innovation of our collaborative campaign with Shop Premium Outlets.

“Partnerships like this are vital to Mavely’s success. They empower us to connect our influencers with exceptional brands like Shop Premium Outlets and create mutually beneficial opportunities for growth and engagement,” says Bill Stanton, Head of Revenue at Mavely.

Mavely x Shop Premium Outlets: A Perfect Match

The magic behind this success lies in the powerhouse partnership between Mavely and Shop Premium Outlets. Offering premium brands at outlet prices, Shop Premium Outlets was the ideal fit for our dynamic influencer marketing campaign. 

“The partnership between Shop Premium Outlets and Mavely was incredibly successful due to our aligned goals and complementary strengths,” says Melissa Salas, Director of Marketing: Partnerships & Campaigns at Shop Premium Outlets. “The collaboration with Mavely allowed us to tap into new markets and build trust with consumers through relatable and inspiring voices. This synergy not only boosted our sales but also enhanced our brand’s visibility and reputation.”

With our vibrant and performance-driven community of over 70,000 Everyday Influencers®, teaming up with Shop Premium Outlets boosted their online presence and skyrocketed sales.

Rapid Rollout and Authentic Engagement

By becoming a brand partner to Mavely, Shop Premium Outlets could immediately harness the power of Mavely’s Everyday Influencers®. They deepened their engagement with Mavely through paid tactics that combined influencer outreach and digital marketing. Get this—500 influencers began promoting the brand in just their first 45 days on Mavely!  By the end of the year, more than 2,500 influencers were promoting Shop Premium Outlets as a go-to online shopping destination.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Metrics and Results

The proof is in the numbers, and these metrics were nothing short of amazing! In 2023, our collaboration with Shop Premium Outlets brought in:

  • 2,500 influencers promoting the brand, with 500 in just the first 45 days on Mavely.
  • Over 39,000 affiliate links connecting eager shoppers to their new favorite online retailer.
  • A whopping 3.35 million clicks from curious consumers ready to dive into the deals.
  • More than 100,000 orders placed.
  • Expanded reach to a new audience, including 1 million Hispanic shoppers.

These impressive metrics showcase the incredible reach and impact of our influencer marketing magic! By syncing promotions with influencer buzz, we amped up consumer interest and boosted conversions. This creative strategy didn’t just drive sales—it also deepened brand loyalty and awareness.

Setting a New Standard

Our killer collab with Shop Premium Outlets has truly raised the bar for influencer marketing. It highlights the power of strategic partnerships and cutting-edge marketing tactics. Key players from both Mavely and Shop Premium Outlets have praised its success, noting the transformative impact it’s had on their businesses.

“At Shop Premium Outlets, we focus on delivering exceptional products from premium and luxury brands as well as personalized shopping experiences, while Mavely brought unparalleled reach and authentic connections with diverse audiences,” Salas notes. “Their influencers provided genuine endorsements and creative content that resonated deeply with their followers, driving significant traffic and engagement to our brand.”

Here at Mavely, we know the value of partnering with a brand that brings next-level strategic savvy to the mix. The Shop Premium Outlets team used a variety of tactics to incentivize creators, which helped move the needle by such an impactful amount. 

  • Dynamically adjusting commission rates to incentivize influencer engagement and promotion.
  • Exclusive brand sales coupled with commission increases to drive urgency and sales conversions. 
  • Paid priority marketing placements to build awareness among Mavely influencers.
  • Leveraging Spanish-speaking influencers to reach over 1 million Hispanic consumers, a significant and growing market segment that set a new benchmark for targeted community engagement within the digital commerce space.

Building and fostering relationships with outstanding brand partners like Shop Premium Outlets is the secret ingredient in our recipe for standard-setting success, and the blueprint for future award-winning collaborations.

Our partnership with Shop Premium Outlets proves that strategic influencer marketing can deliver outstanding results. We can’t wait to keep pushing the envelope and setting new industry standards!

Let’s Work Together!

Is your brand interested in achieving similar success? We’re always looking for our next amazing partnership. Connect with us to explore collaboration opportunities with Mavely.

For content creators who want to learn more about how to capitalize on expectation-shattering campaigns like these, join Mavely’s growing network of Everyday Influencers®. Let’s create something extraordinary together!

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