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Deep Dive: What is a UGC Creator?!

Let’s define what a UGC Creator is and learn how to become one.

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If you’ve been scrolling on TikTok or Instagram recently you’ve probably seen the words “UGC Creator” pop up.

So what is a UGC creator? And how do you become one?  

Let’s deep dive. UGC is user-generated content, which you can read about in our campaign’s blog post here. It’s content that is created organically for a brand by its followers/consumers – then it’s shared by the brand on its own channels. 

A 2021 study from Social Media Today, revealed that 80% of respondents said UGC highly impacted their purchasing decisions. Brands are always looking for UGC because of this. 

What is a “UGC Creator”?

It’s someone who specifically creates content that resembles UGC but it’s paid for by the brand. Technically it’s not organic, which means it’s not really UGC but it’s the easiest way to describe the content. 

Ready to become a UGC Creator?

Well, the Mavely platform has a variety of UGC campaigns that pop up over the course of the year. To be selected for campaigns, make sure you are signed up on the Mavely platform, creating quality content, and sharing links – it’s the easiest way for our campaigns team to take notice of you.

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