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10 Most Profitable Influencer Niches for 2024

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Many social media users think brands most often partner with top influencers to produce successful campaigns. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian indeed have unparalleled reach. But they’re lacking one thing: meaningful engagement. These celebrities are too famous and busy to interact with their followers. You’ll probably never see them engaging in friendly banter or reacting to comments left by their followers.

That’s why more brands are turning to nano and micro-influencers. These influencers may have anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 followers, and their smaller communities tend to engage more in their content. Additionally, these interactions are more authentic which garners more trust. This can result in even more success for the influencers and the brands they work with.

So, why do micro-influencers have excellent engagement? It helps that they share a niche interest with their audience. The conversation naturally flows because they have something in common with their followers. They come across as genuine people instead of unreachable celebrities. 

If you want to grow your career as an influencer, start by finding your niche. Here are the most profitable niches for 2024 to help you get started.

1. Sustainable Living and Eco-Friendly Products

Going green is a lucrative option for influencers. More consumers are becoming aware of their environmental footprint and shifting to sustainable products and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Brands in this space are more eager than ever to work with sustainability influencers. They’re looking for people who share their values and can authentically promote their products. 

There are many ways to be successful as an influencer in the green niche. You can adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and let your audience in on tips and tricks. For those who love to eat, you can promote the benefits of organic food and share delicious recipes. There’s room for fashionistas, too. You can explore eco-fashion products and share the brands you love with your audience. 

2. Home Fitness and Wellness

The pandemic changed many things, including the way people work out. Because gyms were off-limits for a while, we learned how to get fit at home and that habit stuck even after the lockdown. Many still rely on home workout apps for their daily sweat sessions. That opened up a new niche for fitness influencers. Fitness is one of the most profitable niches in the U.S., so this sub-niche is worth exploring.

Share HIIT, Pilates, or yoga workout routines that people can do in their living rooms or garages. You can also spill secrets on how to lead a healthier lifestyle, which many people struggle with. Know what kind of content your audience will find helpful and share quality photos, videos, and/or blogs. Once you establish yourself as an expert, you can collaborate with trusted home fitness platforms for extra income! 

3. Mental Health Advocacy

Gone are the days when discussing mental health was taboo. People are more willing to talk about their experiences, helping destigmatize mental illnesses. Influencers play a crucial role in the discussion. They use their platforms to dispel myths, simplify complex concepts and spread positivity. 

If you’re a mental health professional or advocate, consider this niche. It’s not just meaningful but lucrative as well. There are plenty of partnership opportunities for mental health influencers. You can collaborate with brands, apps, and course providers to create impactful and profitable campaigns. 

4. Gourmet Home Cooking

Living has never been more expensive. Because prices are through the roof, people are finding different ways to save. That includes cooking more instead of dining out. They’re whipping up their favorite dishes at home to satisfy their tastebuds and bellies without the hefty price tag. If you have a knack for cooking, the gourmet home cooking niche might be for you.

People are investing in cooking tools and recipe apps, hoping to save in the long run. That presents gourmet home cooking influencers with many opportunities to earn. You can promote affiliate cooking products, sell e-cookbooks, meal kit programs, and film video tutorials.

5. Personal Finance and Investment

Personal finance is a hot topic these days. Given these uncertain times, people want to secure their wealth and invest wisely. But, money talk isn’t always easy to understand. That’s where influencers come in. They help demystify finance topics, breaking them down into bite-sized educational content. If you’re an expert in this field, share your knowledge and earn.

Personal finance is one of the most profitable affiliate niches. Ironic as it is, people are always willing to pay to solve their financial problems. That said, it’s a broad and competitive niche. Get specific by choosing a sub-niche and target audience. For example, you can focus on AI trading and target tech-savvy investors. 

6. Remote Work and Productivity Tools

While remote work has its perks, it’s not without challenges. Not only should you manage your time wisely, but you must also deal with all sorts of distractions. That includes noisy family members and clingy pets. You also have to be your own IT support when technical issues arise. 

If you’re a pro at productivity and have mastered remote work, this niche might be up your alley. 

You’ll be helping others get work done while earning money for yourself. There are plenty of income-generating opportunities for productivity influencers. You can monetize your YouTube videos and place affiliate links in your blogs. You can also partner with brands offering home office solutions and productivity tools.

7. Indie Beauty and Skincare

Indie beauty is the dark horse of the beauty industry. It’s currently outpacing the total market’s growth. Turning away from the one-size-fits-all approach, indie beauty brands find gaps in the market and create unique solutions. They’re also big on social responsibility. They’re proud to use vegan and organic ingredients and plastic-free packaging. 

Indie beauty brands are excited to work with influencers who share their vision. If you’re a beauty guru passionate about sustainability, you can thrive in this niche. Partner with the brands you love and start earning a commission. 

8. Pet Care and Animal Wellness

Pets are a daily source of fun and cuteness, but they’re more than that. They’re part of the family. We love coming home to them and miss them when we’re away. Many go to great lengths to take care of their beloved furry companions. They invest in products and services to ensure their pets live long, healthy lives. That’s why the pet industry is booming.

If you have a heart for animals, it might be your calling to be a pet influencer. It’s a lucrative niche as pet-related brands continue to seek like-minded influencers to partner with. You can increase your blog or channel’s exposure by focusing on a sub-niche. Pet training, adoption, and fostering are some possible examples. 

9. Virtual Reality and Gaming

Gaming videos on YouTube get millions of views. Many YouTubers put a comedic twist to their gameplays, hooking viewers from start to finish. A sub-niche that’s recently gaining a lot of traction is virtual reality. Content creators are trying out games in VR and reviewing VR headsets. They’re also dishing out tips and tricks to help enhance their audience’s gaming experience.

Gaming is one of the most profitable niches on YouTube, but it’s also very competitive. Go after a specific audience to make money in this saturated space. It also helps to invest in equipment and upload regularly. With the right strategy, you can be a high-earning gaming influencer.

10. Local Travel and Staycations

Travel is one of the most profitable blog niches. It’s bouncing back now that travel restrictions have eased up. But, here’s the twist: people now prefer staycations and local travel more than going abroad. That opens up a new set of earning possibilities for travel influencers. It’s a chance to collaborate with tourism boards and local businesses.

Your blog should add value to readers to be successful in this niche. That means exploring your neighborhood so you can provide valuable insights. It’s the perfect job if you’re a restless soul who can’t sit at a desk for hours a day.

How Everyday Influencers Can Partner With Strong Brands in Hot Niches

Influencers with a smaller following can have plenty of success in the most profitable niches for 2024. Brands are seeing the increasing value of nano and micro-influencers and are keen on forging partnerships. 

You can work with brands through sponsored content or affiliate marketing. You’d earn by featuring their products in social media posts or blog articles. You can also be a brand ambassador, helping boost awareness and drive sales. 

You Can Monetize Your Audience with Mavely

There are many ways to work with your favorite brands and earn, even if you don’t have the biggest audience. The key is to find brands within your niche with the same goals and values. You can find these brands on Mavely.

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