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Meet Mavely

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Our Mission

To build growth opportunities for millions of retailers and everyday influencers by fostering the relationship between brands and their advocates.

What We're All About

Our Vision
  • To be the leading platform for brand advocacy powered by everyday influencers. 
Our Values
  • Childlike Curiosity - We operate from a place of perpetual learning and understanding.
  • Accountability - We do what we say we will, and we take ownership of our work.
  • Fearless Honesty - We share our honest feedback or viewpoint from a place of compassion.
  • Being Visionary - We apply a limitless mindset to push the boundaries and anticipate future trends.

Our Founders

Evan Wray

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Peggy OFlaherty

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Sean OBrien

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The Team

Erin Kristyniak
VP, Partnerships
Jason Sires
VP, Sales
Eric Essoyan
Senior Engineer
Cara Leahy
Director, Growth
Adrian Carbello
Tech Lead
Julian Wagle
Senior Engineer
Rachel Taddeucci
Brand Strategist
Kylee Orlando
Director, Marketing
Allison Carlin
Enterprise Sales
Alex Moya
‍Enterprise Sales
Brandon Fitzpatrick
Senior Engineer
Heidi Davis
Senior Community Manager
Kayla Monis
Creative Coordinator
Sarah Adams
‍Associate Community Manager

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