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Mavely Drives Over $300 Million in Sales, Pays $20+ Million to Creators in 2023

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Mavely, the Everyday Influencer Platform™, Drives Over $300 Million in Sales for Brand Partners by Tapping Creators to Become Performance Marketers

Influencer technology platform announces rapid growth alongside new retail partners and successful holiday sales, paying creators more than $20 million last year, a 5x increase from 2022

JANUARY 30, 2024, CHICAGO – Mavely, the Everyday Influencer Platform™ powering partnerships between creators and global retail brands, today announced millions of dollars in creator payouts, new partners to its robust retail network and landmark sales for 2023. Mavely paid out more than $20M in earnings to its creators in 2023, with more than $1M paid to creators for sales made between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The platform recorded more than $300M in sales—representing Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)—for brand partners last year, with $120M in GMV in Q4 alone. Additionally, Mavely achieved $480M in GMV run rate in Q4* and drove $11.3M in GMV between Black Friday and Cyber Monday specifically. This news comes as part of Mavely’s ongoing efforts to empower the growing generation of influencers with the brand network and resources to master commission-driven social selling.

Mavely is a technology platform that helps enable its more than 70k creators to monetize their social followings. Mavely influencers drive sales for brands and earn commissions by sharing shoppable SmartLinks that track insights including clicks, conversions, sales and more. Prioritizing authenticity over follower count, the company connects these everyday influencers—a term Mavely has trademarked—with a network of more than 1,200 brands and provides influencers with dedicated account managers, educational courses and in-depth analytics tools to help optimize their performance, including product-level data, transactions and commissions made via affiliate links, creator performance history and more.

As a creator-first company, Mavely incentivizes strong performance through influencer tools and benefits such as 10% referral commissions, access to campaigns and exclusive promotions, fast and transparent payouts, and a bonus program with various perks and rewards. One top-performing creator, Keesh Deesh, earned more than $1M via Mavely in 2023.** Keesh Deesh also achieved $2M in sales GMV for retailers in the month of November, selling $160k worth of products on Black Friday.

“At Mavely, we believe that the future of influencer marketing is performance based. In the creator economy as anywhere, influencers and brands want more predictable revenue streams,” said Evan Wray, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Mavely. “Brands rely heavily on performance data when planning their marketing budgets. It’s no longer logical to pay one influencer and hope for the best when, instead, brands can tap an army of creators each incentivized with commission-based earnings. Mavely provides the technology, community and incentives to help drive and track creator performance at scale.”

In 2024, global ad spend on influencer marketing is expected to reach $30.8 billion, according to Demand Sage. Mavely is marrying the evolving influencer space—and the brands trying to keep up—with the empirically robust affiliate marketing industry via its easy-to-use platform and results-driven account management. According to research from Influencer Marketing Hub, 82% of surveyed companies intend to dedicate a specific budget to influencer marketing this year. Brands will inevitably look to prioritize performance and results, a point in which traditional influencer marketing falls short. Mavely allows for both brands and influencers to use performance metrics to test and track the success of their influencer campaigns, bridging the gap between influencer marketing, which often leverages user-generated content for brand awareness, and affiliate marketing, which drives attributable sales. Mavely’s performance-based influencer marketing model is unlocking new revenue streams for major brands by harnessing everyday influencers who can perform in brand campaigns and as affiliate marketers, a more attractive alternative to ‘traditional brand deals’ where brands pay an influencer one lump sum with little insights into conversion.

Mavely has facilitated collaborations with more than 1,200 brands, including Old Navy, QVC and Urban Outfitters, fostering strategic and cost-effective relationships between online creators and the world’s most recognizable brands. In 2023, Mavely added 525 new brand partners to its network for influencers to share, such as Little Sleepies, Woot! and Public Lands. As Mavely grows its network of retail partners, the company continues fostering purposeful connections with brands that align with the Mavely creator community’s goals and values by selecting brands that are dedicated to fair and reliable commissions, accessible pricing and high-quality products that both creators and their audiences can trust.

“Mavely has assisted our channel with not only reaching, but surpassing our performance-focused KPIs,” said the Influencer Marketing Team at QVC. “The company introduced us to hundreds of new creators, allowing us to reach new audiences across America and unlock a new vertical of sales via social media.”

“Mavely has been an integral partner within our affiliate program, helping us scale during major moments like our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale,” said Katie Price Ross, Growth Marketing Director at Little Sleepies. “During the sale, affiliate was one of our core channels and we significantly beat ROAS goals with the help of authentic content from Mavely’s influencers. Additionally, over 80% of the traffic driven to our site from affiliates was from new customers.”

To celebrate Mavely’s ongoing success and in an effort to give back to the community, the platform donated $10k on behalf of the company, its retail partners and creators to Lawrence Hall, a community-based organization that serves more than 1,400 youth and families in Mavely’s home city of Chicago. As a result of Mavely’s contribution, 200 children received holiday presents and clothes and 60 children will be able to take part in a cultural immersion program. Additionally, the donation will support the construction of a new playground for families to enjoy. This continues a Mavely tradition of giving back to communities, with Watts of Love in 2022 (bringing electricity to villages in Africa) and Women in Tech in 2021 (promoting STEM careers for girls and young women) as causes that Mavely has supported.

*Mavely’s current GMV run rate is based on a three-month average transaction volume.

**As a top-performing creator, Keesh Deesh’s earnings exceed average take-home pay for creators on Mavely.

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